The Snake Ring ( Barkii) A

Everyone had learned about what was happening in the thorpe of Barkii. Governor Nekii Barkii had explained the situation to them. He allowed them to gather what ever information that they could about the Aquos Gloves and the Liments’ Potion. They had found that the Gauntlet was harmless, but the mucous held within it was of an alchemical nature. The Liments’ Potion is a dark greenish-black liquid. They had, also, found that the Snake Ring symbol was a simple mixture of snake, Drow, and Tiefling blood combined and painted on to create it.

After this the governor took them down to his personal stable-yard, he had Donovan Samsen( Human Commoner 1) brought in for a demonstration of the Aquos Glove. He had forced the Aquos Glove to be put own his hand, because he had become addicted to it. Within minutes, Samsen had become trasformed into Human Skum Mutant, Arcane Mutant( Human/Skum Augmented Commoner 2).

With this problem overcome, the party was free to head for the Alcuin Inn, the Snake Ring Exports’ building, or to the Thirsty Bard. Laucian and Regis had gone to the S.R.E. building to uncover more information on these 2 items. Regis had been captured and interviewed, but Laucian had watched from outside. Laucian had freed Regis by killing the Shopkeeper( Human Commoner 1). They are, now, exploring the shop.

This had sent a Shadowy Presence back to the Alcuin Inn and his private room. He has with him several items. These are notes and the two items. The other party members, except for Laucian and Regis, are there as well. They are free to make Listen checks to hear somebody coming down the hall.

Laucian and Regis are exploring the S.R.E. building before they return to the Alcuin Inn.

The next morning, The group meets up in the small dining area of the Alcuin Inn.

The Snake Ring ( Barkii) A

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