World of Dragons

Alcuin Inn

At night( if shopkeeper was fought)...

Anyone that listens can hear heavy and hurried footsteps with low cursing thrown in from outside of his sleeping quarters. The steps and voice die down after a few moments. Then, he can hear a door slam from down the hall.

In the morning…

The group meet up in the small dining area of the Alcuin Inn. There are three tables with four chairs around them. This room has five other people in the room. One is the waitress( Human Commoner 1). Three others are oddly dressed merchants at a single table. They are discussing various things in normal tones.

The fifth person is at a table by himself. He is wearing a dark green cloak with the hood covering his entire face from view. He is eating a small meal. His back is to the door and you can see the emblem for the Snake Ring emblazoned upon the back. There is a large sea shell by his chair.

The cook is in the kitchen section of the restaurant. He is a very gruff-looking Half-Orc with various scars that are able to be seen on his head and neck. It appears as though. He has been through very tough times.

The group is free to have their morning meal at any one of the other three tables. One is by the large bay window that overlooks the main street. The second free table is in between the two occupied tables. And the last one is near the kitchen and the door to the inn. Feel free to discuss what has happened last night.

There are four doors in this room and a single window. Two of the doors go into the kitchen. The third door leads into the inn section of the building. the final door will take you into the alley. The single window is the Bay window.

The Shadowy Man…

The man is tall( 5’8) and slender( 135 lbs.). He is, also, able to see a sword point that sticks out of the bottom of the man’s cloak. There is, also, a signet ring on the hand of the spoon that is utilizing the eating utensil. There is a large bulge at the man’s side. There is a lot of shadows surrounding the man beneath his cloak.

It is unable to be told about anything more on the loner than what can be seen. It is simple enough to tell that he does not want any company for the time being. It could be, because he is not a morning person; but it is hard to tell. “Bugger off, pal. I am just having my morning gruel.” He replies as he stop the spoon from entering the shadows of his cloak’s hood.

Snake Ring Exports( A)

Use only if somebody gets caught with Bad D.C.s…

This happens after a brief interview by an unseen presence.

There is only 1 person, the Shopkeeper, that can be seen within the main section of the S.R.E. building. Though, there is a third person( hidden in shadows)within the room. However, they can hear the Shadowy presence unstopping a cork from a bottle.

This unknown person sniffs at the contents with a smile. He looks deep into it to tell what is within it. He can tell that it is what he was looking. He, also, knew what it would do to their captive for the next eight hours after it was consumed.

He redoes the cork into the bottle and moves forward. He pulls up his cloak’s hood to better hide his face from any unwanted scrutiny.

Shopkeeper( Human Commoner 2) Unknown Presence( Drow Wizard 2/Bard 3)

If anyone that had Good D.C. checks attack and save their comrades, the unseen presence escapes without harm or entering battle. He heads for his Private Quarters at the Alcuin Inn.

The shopkeeper puts up whatever fight that he can.

The shop is full of the Aquos Gloves and Liments’ Potions. He can, also, see that there are two other doors that lead out of the Main Part of the Snake Ring Exports’ building. Which makes three doors, including the front door. There are two windows in this room. The first is the one that Laucian came through. And the other is to the right of the primary door.

There are about five shelving units, six counters, and a single table. The shelves and counters were used for displaying the items held within the shop. And the table had been used for the retail end of this business. There were some scraps of paper, an ink quill, and an ink bottle.

You cannot see anything else of value within this main part of the Snake Ring Exports’ building.

Second Room…

There was nobody within this room, because of it being almost midnight at this time. However, there were two medium-sized and four small-sized crates in the room. And a large metal box in the left hand corner. There were, also, six wooden chairs and one wooden table.

This room is a few feet smaller than the Main Room. It has another door and two windows. The door is at the very back and the windows are on the left and right sides of the room.

The table has five potions, two gauntlets, a quarterstaff, four pouches, some golden coins, more papers, and some gems upon it.

Snake Ring Exports

Any character that go to explore the Snake Ring Exports’ building will find the following out:

Good DCs:

Are able to hide behind several bales of hay that lie between the Snake Ring Exports’ building and the house next to it. However, he made a fatal noise as he ducked behind them to get a better look into the S.R.E. building. However, a passing group of drunks pass by with enough commotion to hide his noise.

On his way to between the buildings, he spots a Griffin resting before the S.R.E. building. It is bridled and saddled for a medium-sized rider. However, the faint noises within the larger hut are what interests him. Laucian is able to make out very little of what is being said. He hears words like profit, Liments’ Potion, Aquos Gloves, and effects. Without getting closer, he cannot make out any more than that.

When he searches outside of the building, he can only find footprints of various animals and people. As well as the markings made from the Aquos Gloves among loose hay.

Moves up to the window of the S.R.E. Building, he can see the full extent of the situation. He can, also hear what is being said clearly without having to really having to listen. He can see Regis and the human shopkeeper in the middle of the room. He can count the candle that light the room, but he cannot see into the shadows where the presence is speaking from.

Bad DCs:

Are caught by the two men within it. The shopkeeper was the one to grab a hold of him and to bring him within the main room of the business. He could tell that the shopkeeper was a young man of about 17 years of age. He was a human dressed in the simple farming garb of Barkii.

There was, also, another presence within the room. This was hidden well within the shadows. Whatever was within these flickering shadows was holding several items within its hands.

“Who are you? And why were you sneaking outside of this business?” The presence within the shadows asked in a masculine voice. “Shopkeep, tie up this spy.”

“Who is your friend? And where is he?” The male presence replied with some disbelief in his voice. He watched as the shopkeeper made sure that all of the knots and the rope, itself, was tight enough to hold this small creature named Regis. He made no move to stop this action. “And what is your name? Anybody that sneaks around this shop that we do not know is a threat to me.”

First Battle Conclusion Part 3

Experience Points:


  • This is split equally among all of the players.

10%-Death Strike

  • This given to only the person that killed the monster.

5%-Skill, Spell, etc. Bonus * These are cumulative points given to all of the players that have used their character’s skills, spells, etc.

First Battle Conclusion Part 2

Donovan Samsen Class: Commoner 1 Race: Human Hit Point: 6/12 Strength: 2+1D6

Item: Aquos Glove( He will grab from the Player Character that is holding it.)

He will, immediately, put on the Gauntlet. After several minutes, he will become more healthier and stronger. However, this glee of his will turn into agony as he undergoes the transformation into a Skum. He is not a true Skum, but a transformed one.

Donovan Samsen Class: Commoner 1 Challenger Rating: 3 Race: Tranformed Skum Hit Points: 14/18 Strength: 18

Attacks: Claws, Bite, and Aquos Gauntlet Special Attack: Rake Special Quality: Rage 1/day. This occurs immediately with him attacking the closest person.

He can be killed or knocked into unconciousness. That is up to the party. The only treasure is the Aquos Glove that can be taken or left.

First Battle Conclusion

After Donovan Samsen is dealt with( killed or knocked unconcious), the players are free to explore the thorpe of Barkii on their own. They can go to three locations:

Thirsty Bard: This tavern holds more information on the Liment’s Potion. It is a highly profitable and called for drink. The patrons water it down or use a chaser of some alcoholic beverage. Such as Ale. However, the tavern keep and his help will only offer some information without pay. For more details, the players will need to pay for it.

Alcuin Inn: This is one of four taverns of Barkii. It is, also, the closest to the Governor’s Building. The characters’ stay is free for this adventure. There is no information to be obtained in here. Except for information on the town, itself, and its people.

Snake Ring Exports: This dealer is the primary dealer for the Aquos Gloves and Liment’s Potions. The shopkeeper knows nothing more about the items than what he has been told. He is just a low level member of the Snake Ring. The characters will not learn anything from him, but will overhear a discussion between him and his guest( Xanthus Willack). If they enter the shop, the guest will leave.

This allows the players to have character development and learn more about their mission before they depart for the Chromatic Manor. Their destination is a month away.

First Battle

As you discuss about what to do next, the man named Donovan Samsen rushes forward as quickly as his weakened state allows him. He pulls the Aquos Gauntlet away from the adventurer that is holding the gauntlet with a surprising amount of strength. He pulled the gauntlet on with moans of joy.

Within moments, he straightens to his full five and three quarters foot height. He appears to be much stronger than when he was aided into the stable yard of the Governor’s building. He had regained a third of his original strength plus the bonus from the Aquos Glove.

Several minutes later as Donovan’s strength grew. As did his own ego. His body, also, began to change shape and to bubble out. “What’s happen…” His words changed into excruciating sounds. “No… No…”

His words were changed into animalistic sounds. His body exploded as his new form was revealed. He appeared as a slimy and dark bluish-green figure that stood at six feet tall and one hundred and fifty-six pounds.

After his transformation had finished, he roared and charged( at the character that had been holding the Gauntlet) with the Aquos Glove.


Nekii Barkii got up as he saw that the others were discussing things amongst each other. He moved towards the door in the slow and lethargic manner that comes with age. “I have a little something to show you about that gauntlet that you are holding, (The name of the person that is holding the gauntlet. If not, take out the part of somebody holding the gauntlet.). And the name for it is the Aquos Glove. The Potion is named Liment’s Elixir.” He explains as he leads you through the halls of the building.

“We have begun to utilize the gloves for our farming and some minor upkeep work around Barkii. And the elixir is being drunk in our tavern called the Thirsty Bard.” The governor had explained as you stepped out into the setting sunlight of the stable yard. “However, the biggest contributor of these items is a shop called the Snake Ring Exports. They are on the Northern side of town as you are leaving. They have done nothing wrong and recieve a new shipment on the first of the month.”

“Ah, here we go. This is Donovan Samsen, our finest farmer. His family had been a great aide to our community. At least until the accident.” Nekii Barkii said as he pointed out a weak man that is being helped along by two other men. He appeared to be convulsing and whimpering to the men. “He was the first to handle the Aquos Glove. Which had caused him being held in what we could make into a holding area. Bring him over here.”

“Please, help me. I need it. Let me have it.” Donovan said with a shaking and quivering voice. His entire body was shaking and pleading for whatever it is that he wanted. He saw the person that was holding the Aquos Glove. “Let me have that gauntlet. I need it. Please.”

Last Information on the Gauntlet/Potion

Spot and Search on Gauntlets:

You can see that there are no traps or other hidden objects within the gauntlet. It is what they appear to be. An implement/weapon of steel with interlocking finger-backs. It is made of some tanned animal hide with an insulation lotion that does not leak out.

Spot and Search on Potion:

The potion has a cork-top with a thing wire that keeps the liquid within the glass container. There are no traps or other unseen obstructions. The liquid within it is thick and dark with a stench that can be smelled through the cork and glass. This liquid is of a bluish-green color.

Spot and Search on Symbol:

The symbol is just as simple as the gauntlet and potion are. It is of a dark red color that is in the shape of a circle with a crescent moon and a pyramid.


You can hear a few disconcerting words from Nekii and his aide.

Nekii: “Get… to… stables… Real… Display…” Aide: “Safe… Killed… Children… Should… Under… Key… Safety…” Nekii: “Adventurers… look… they… against… Weak… Aquos… From…” Aide: “Done… Under… Protests… For… Trouble… Deaths…” Nekii: “Just… It…”

After about thirty minutes, Nekii Barkii returns to his desk and the group. His aide leaves the office in a huff. “So, did you get your answers? Do you have any questions?”

More Knowledge Information

Knowledge( Arcana)- Liquid:

The liquid appears to have a strong addictive quality to it. This is based on the enhancing qualities for the user’s personality and physical qualities. The user feels more powerful and stronger upon ingestion to their self-confidence. They are, also, given a boost to their physical strength.

Read Magic on the Symbol:

The symbol has a weak magical feeling to it, but the aura is strengthened by it being created by the use of two Drow Elves’ blood. And a single snake’s blood was used. Their aura was strong as he continued to pull out the information. Of course, the snake’s blood was weaker.

Craft Potions on the Liquid:

He can tell that it is a thick and stinking drink. It was made by the mixing of a creature’s blood and other natural herbs found along the Eastern Phaell Lakeshore.


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