World of Dragons

Some Knowledge/Spellcraft Information

Knowledge( Arcana)- Gauntlets:

You cannot tell much of the gauntlet, except that it was designed for a wide variety of agricultural and construction purposes. It is capable of doing unarmed melee damage as well. There is no apparent seal or containment mechanism that is keeping the gel within the glove. It is just remaining within the weapon/implement of its own volition.

The gauntlet is as previously described, but is made of various tanned hides. The metal, itself, is of steel. The symbol upon the glove is on the palm is a deep crimson.

Knowledge( Planar)- Potion:

The potion is a liquid made from various elements from the Eastern Phaell Lake shore. It is from the Material Plane and this world.

Knowledge( Arcana)- Symbol:

You can tell that the symbol is a weak magical spell( Arcane Mark). It was made by the use of Drow and Snake Blood. It is just the marking of some unknown group. You can not tell whose Drow blood was used. Or what snake had been used.

Spellcraft- Liquid:

You can tell that this potion alters the personality and physical abilities of the user. The personality is changed the same way as alcohol does, but increases the Strength and Power of the person’s self-confidence. The physical changes is just to their strength attributes.

Argument and Items

“I am the only one that knows of you from your parents or grandparents. They and I had been dear friends while we were young. And I can tell you stories of them that would be not what you expect.” Nekii Barkii, the aged Elven wizard, told all of you as he placed the paper and quill to one side.

“Before I allow you to make introductions, I need to show you these two items. As well as to relate what little is known about them.” He says as he lays before the six of you a pair of very different but similar items. They are a gauntlet with widened metal pieces on the underside of the fingers. The other is a disgusting dark bluish-green liquid. The only thing the same about them, as far as you can tell from first glance, is the bright red etched symbol. The circular symbol is of a crescent moon with a pyramid sitting atop it. “Feel free to examine them. When you are ready, I will explain what we do know of them.”

He gets up from his desk and hobbles over to speak in hushed whispers to his Gnomish aide. The characters are unable to really hear what is said, but get a feeling that the two of them are arguing over something.


The characters continued to walk through the town of Barkii. They saw that the town was a small but bountiful agricultural community. After about thirty minutes, they had found the Governor’s Building that was located at the very edge of the town center. They were shown inside and into Governor Nekii Barkii’s office.

The Elven Wizard appeared to be over three hundred and three quarters years old. His hair was of the purest white that any of them have ever seen. He was leaning, painfully, over the oaken desk with a quill in his hand. He was finishing up some paper work. There were three other men with him.

One was a Half-Orc Sorceror and the other was a Human Wizard. They were standing to one side of the room with a Gnomish Shaman( the Governor’s Assistant). They were discussing something in hushed tones.


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