World of Dragons

Snake Ring Exports( A)

Use only if somebody gets caught with Bad D.C.s…

This happens after a brief interview by an unseen presence.

There is only 1 person, the Shopkeeper, that can be seen within the main section of the S.R.E. building. Though, there is a third person( hidden in shadows)within the room. However, they can hear the Shadowy presence unstopping a cork from a bottle.

This unknown person sniffs at the contents with a smile. He looks deep into it to tell what is within it. He can tell that it is what he was looking. He, also, knew what it would do to their captive for the next eight hours after it was consumed.

He redoes the cork into the bottle and moves forward. He pulls up his cloak’s hood to better hide his face from any unwanted scrutiny.

Shopkeeper( Human Commoner 2) Unknown Presence( Drow Wizard 2/Bard 3)

If anyone that had Good D.C. checks attack and save their comrades, the unseen presence escapes without harm or entering battle. He heads for his Private Quarters at the Alcuin Inn.

The shopkeeper puts up whatever fight that he can.

The shop is full of the Aquos Gloves and Liments’ Potions. He can, also, see that there are two other doors that lead out of the Main Part of the Snake Ring Exports’ building. Which makes three doors, including the front door. There are two windows in this room. The first is the one that Laucian came through. And the other is to the right of the primary door.

There are about five shelving units, six counters, and a single table. The shelves and counters were used for displaying the items held within the shop. And the table had been used for the retail end of this business. There were some scraps of paper, an ink quill, and an ink bottle.

You cannot see anything else of value within this main part of the Snake Ring Exports’ building.

Second Room…

There was nobody within this room, because of it being almost midnight at this time. However, there were two medium-sized and four small-sized crates in the room. And a large metal box in the left hand corner. There were, also, six wooden chairs and one wooden table.

This room is a few feet smaller than the Main Room. It has another door and two windows. The door is at the very back and the windows are on the left and right sides of the room.

The table has five potions, two gauntlets, a quarterstaff, four pouches, some golden coins, more papers, and some gems upon it.



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