World of Dragons

Snake Ring Exports

Any character that go to explore the Snake Ring Exports’ building will find the following out:

Good DCs:

Are able to hide behind several bales of hay that lie between the Snake Ring Exports’ building and the house next to it. However, he made a fatal noise as he ducked behind them to get a better look into the S.R.E. building. However, a passing group of drunks pass by with enough commotion to hide his noise.

On his way to between the buildings, he spots a Griffin resting before the S.R.E. building. It is bridled and saddled for a medium-sized rider. However, the faint noises within the larger hut are what interests him. Laucian is able to make out very little of what is being said. He hears words like profit, Liments’ Potion, Aquos Gloves, and effects. Without getting closer, he cannot make out any more than that.

When he searches outside of the building, he can only find footprints of various animals and people. As well as the markings made from the Aquos Gloves among loose hay.

Moves up to the window of the S.R.E. Building, he can see the full extent of the situation. He can, also hear what is being said clearly without having to really having to listen. He can see Regis and the human shopkeeper in the middle of the room. He can count the candle that light the room, but he cannot see into the shadows where the presence is speaking from.

Bad DCs:

Are caught by the two men within it. The shopkeeper was the one to grab a hold of him and to bring him within the main room of the business. He could tell that the shopkeeper was a young man of about 17 years of age. He was a human dressed in the simple farming garb of Barkii.

There was, also, another presence within the room. This was hidden well within the shadows. Whatever was within these flickering shadows was holding several items within its hands.

“Who are you? And why were you sneaking outside of this business?” The presence within the shadows asked in a masculine voice. “Shopkeep, tie up this spy.”

“Who is your friend? And where is he?” The male presence replied with some disbelief in his voice. He watched as the shopkeeper made sure that all of the knots and the rope, itself, was tight enough to hold this small creature named Regis. He made no move to stop this action. “And what is your name? Anybody that sneaks around this shop that we do not know is a threat to me.”



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