World of Dragons

More Knowledge Information

Knowledge( Arcana)- Liquid:

The liquid appears to have a strong addictive quality to it. This is based on the enhancing qualities for the user’s personality and physical qualities. The user feels more powerful and stronger upon ingestion to their self-confidence. They are, also, given a boost to their physical strength.

Read Magic on the Symbol:

The symbol has a weak magical feeling to it, but the aura is strengthened by it being created by the use of two Drow Elves’ blood. And a single snake’s blood was used. Their aura was strong as he continued to pull out the information. Of course, the snake’s blood was weaker.

Craft Potions on the Liquid:

He can tell that it is a thick and stinking drink. It was made by the mixing of a creature’s blood and other natural herbs found along the Eastern Phaell Lakeshore.



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