World of Dragons


The characters continued to walk through the town of Barkii. They saw that the town was a small but bountiful agricultural community. After about thirty minutes, they had found the Governor’s Building that was located at the very edge of the town center. They were shown inside and into Governor Nekii Barkii’s office.

The Elven Wizard appeared to be over three hundred and three quarters years old. His hair was of the purest white that any of them have ever seen. He was leaning, painfully, over the oaken desk with a quill in his hand. He was finishing up some paper work. There were three other men with him.

One was a Half-Orc Sorceror and the other was a Human Wizard. They were standing to one side of the room with a Gnomish Shaman( the Governor’s Assistant). They were discussing something in hushed tones.



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