World of Dragons

First Battle Conclusion

After Donovan Samsen is dealt with( killed or knocked unconcious), the players are free to explore the thorpe of Barkii on their own. They can go to three locations:

Thirsty Bard: This tavern holds more information on the Liment’s Potion. It is a highly profitable and called for drink. The patrons water it down or use a chaser of some alcoholic beverage. Such as Ale. However, the tavern keep and his help will only offer some information without pay. For more details, the players will need to pay for it.

Alcuin Inn: This is one of four taverns of Barkii. It is, also, the closest to the Governor’s Building. The characters’ stay is free for this adventure. There is no information to be obtained in here. Except for information on the town, itself, and its people.

Snake Ring Exports: This dealer is the primary dealer for the Aquos Gloves and Liment’s Potions. The shopkeeper knows nothing more about the items than what he has been told. He is just a low level member of the Snake Ring. The characters will not learn anything from him, but will overhear a discussion between him and his guest( Xanthus Willack). If they enter the shop, the guest will leave.

This allows the players to have character development and learn more about their mission before they depart for the Chromatic Manor. Their destination is a month away.



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