World of Dragons

First Battle

As you discuss about what to do next, the man named Donovan Samsen rushes forward as quickly as his weakened state allows him. He pulls the Aquos Gauntlet away from the adventurer that is holding the gauntlet with a surprising amount of strength. He pulled the gauntlet on with moans of joy.

Within moments, he straightens to his full five and three quarters foot height. He appears to be much stronger than when he was aided into the stable yard of the Governor’s building. He had regained a third of his original strength plus the bonus from the Aquos Glove.

Several minutes later as Donovan’s strength grew. As did his own ego. His body, also, began to change shape and to bubble out. “What’s happen…” His words changed into excruciating sounds. “No… No…”

His words were changed into animalistic sounds. His body exploded as his new form was revealed. He appeared as a slimy and dark bluish-green figure that stood at six feet tall and one hundred and fifty-six pounds.

After his transformation had finished, he roared and charged( at the character that had been holding the Gauntlet) with the Aquos Glove.



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