World of Dragons

First Battle Conclusion Part 2

Donovan Samsen Class: Commoner 1 Race: Human Hit Point: 6/12 Strength: 2+1D6

Item: Aquos Glove( He will grab from the Player Character that is holding it.)

He will, immediately, put on the Gauntlet. After several minutes, he will become more healthier and stronger. However, this glee of his will turn into agony as he undergoes the transformation into a Skum. He is not a true Skum, but a transformed one.

Donovan Samsen Class: Commoner 1 Challenger Rating: 3 Race: Tranformed Skum Hit Points: 14/18 Strength: 18

Attacks: Claws, Bite, and Aquos Gauntlet Special Attack: Rake Special Quality: Rage 1/day. This occurs immediately with him attacking the closest person.

He can be killed or knocked into unconciousness. That is up to the party. The only treasure is the Aquos Glove that can be taken or left.



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