World of Dragons


Nekii Barkii got up as he saw that the others were discussing things amongst each other. He moved towards the door in the slow and lethargic manner that comes with age. “I have a little something to show you about that gauntlet that you are holding, (The name of the person that is holding the gauntlet. If not, take out the part of somebody holding the gauntlet.). And the name for it is the Aquos Glove. The Potion is named Liment’s Elixir.” He explains as he leads you through the halls of the building.

“We have begun to utilize the gloves for our farming and some minor upkeep work around Barkii. And the elixir is being drunk in our tavern called the Thirsty Bard.” The governor had explained as you stepped out into the setting sunlight of the stable yard. “However, the biggest contributor of these items is a shop called the Snake Ring Exports. They are on the Northern side of town as you are leaving. They have done nothing wrong and recieve a new shipment on the first of the month.”

“Ah, here we go. This is Donovan Samsen, our finest farmer. His family had been a great aide to our community. At least until the accident.” Nekii Barkii said as he pointed out a weak man that is being helped along by two other men. He appeared to be convulsing and whimpering to the men. “He was the first to handle the Aquos Glove. Which had caused him being held in what we could make into a holding area. Bring him over here.”

“Please, help me. I need it. Let me have it.” Donovan said with a shaking and quivering voice. His entire body was shaking and pleading for whatever it is that he wanted. He saw the person that was holding the Aquos Glove. “Let me have that gauntlet. I need it. Please.”



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