World of Dragons

Alcuin Inn

At night( if shopkeeper was fought)...

Anyone that listens can hear heavy and hurried footsteps with low cursing thrown in from outside of his sleeping quarters. The steps and voice die down after a few moments. Then, he can hear a door slam from down the hall.

In the morning…

The group meet up in the small dining area of the Alcuin Inn. There are three tables with four chairs around them. This room has five other people in the room. One is the waitress( Human Commoner 1). Three others are oddly dressed merchants at a single table. They are discussing various things in normal tones.

The fifth person is at a table by himself. He is wearing a dark green cloak with the hood covering his entire face from view. He is eating a small meal. His back is to the door and you can see the emblem for the Snake Ring emblazoned upon the back. There is a large sea shell by his chair.

The cook is in the kitchen section of the restaurant. He is a very gruff-looking Half-Orc with various scars that are able to be seen on his head and neck. It appears as though. He has been through very tough times.

The group is free to have their morning meal at any one of the other three tables. One is by the large bay window that overlooks the main street. The second free table is in between the two occupied tables. And the last one is near the kitchen and the door to the inn. Feel free to discuss what has happened last night.

There are four doors in this room and a single window. Two of the doors go into the kitchen. The third door leads into the inn section of the building. the final door will take you into the alley. The single window is the Bay window.

The Shadowy Man…

The man is tall( 5’8) and slender( 135 lbs.). He is, also, able to see a sword point that sticks out of the bottom of the man’s cloak. There is, also, a signet ring on the hand of the spoon that is utilizing the eating utensil. There is a large bulge at the man’s side. There is a lot of shadows surrounding the man beneath his cloak.

It is unable to be told about anything more on the loner than what can be seen. It is simple enough to tell that he does not want any company for the time being. It could be, because he is not a morning person; but it is hard to tell. “Bugger off, pal. I am just having my morning gruel.” He replies as he stop the spoon from entering the shadows of his cloak’s hood.



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